Marvel TVA Kablooie Chewing Gum Replica Prop

For when you see a scheme, and in that scheme you see yourself. Complete the shenanigan with this realistic Marvel TVA Kablooie Chewing Gum Replica Prop.

From Fp Replica.

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  • This is a reproduction of the Kablooie chewing gum box featured In the Loki TV series.
  • All images have been painstakingly reproduced from photos from the series.
  • High-quality printing ensures that these items will be a grand addition to your Loki Variant cosplay kit.
  • Included is a reproductions of Loki’s very own VAT analysis sheet.
  • Kablooie Dimensions: 10 cm long, 3 cm wide, 2 cm deep.
  • VAT Sheet Dimensions: 17 cm high, 9 cm wide.


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