Star Trek App Enabled Tribble

Tribbles are now REAL! Imagine stroking your very own trilling, purring ball of luxurious fluff as you watch your favorite episode together. It responds to your gentle strokes with soft, tranquilizing coos, and lets out a little trill every once in a while just to remind you that it’s there–and that it’s finally yours.

From Science Division.

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  • They have 3 modes, so you can decide how you want to play.
  • At Ease: Your Tribble trills/purrs when you pet it or move it, but it also trills/purrs every once in a while on its own, just to let you know it’s there.
  • On Duty: Every time it is moved your Tribble decides if a friend or a Klingon moved it. It purrs/trills or screams accordingly.
  • Watchdog: Your Tribble will scream if someone moves it. Set it on top of something you want it to guard.
  • Download the free Section K-7 app to make your Tribble scream on command as though it has discovered a Klingon!


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